Team Biography’s


After qualifying from Stellenbosch University with a B Com Accountancy Degree in 1997 and completing his honours through UNISA (CTA), Jacques qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 2001 through Articles at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

For 3 years he trained as a professional canoeist, winning multiple events and representing his country. He then turned his attention back to the business world starting his own company, J Theron & Associates Incorporated in 2003. Early days saw his business operate with a staff of 3 from a small office in Greenside. 7 years ago the auditing practise moved to premises in Bompas road and 13 years of growth has seen the business evolve into J Theron & Pietersen Incorporated with Nadia Pietersen completing her articles through the company and in turn joining Jacques as a partner. This is something that Jacques is very proud of, his training office is an integral part of his business model. He believes strongly in continuous professional development. In 2010 Jacques made the move to open a branch in Howick, KwaZulu Natal, this is currently based at the White House Centre and Jacques is enjoying the diversity of business that the location offers as well as the outdoor lifestyle of the Midlands with his wife Jen daughter and son.

Jacques has a passion for his clients, always striving to offer them the best possible services and personal attention. His aims are to work together with his clients to maximise their business potential, creating a streamlined efficient working entity. Nothing gives him greater satisfaction than to identify his as well as his client’s strengths and weaknesses and to then build infrastructure around these attributes, aiming to free up time for the things that his clients are best at. All in all resulting in maximising business efficiency and creating personal balance in life.


Nadia Pietersen – Odendaal, grew up in Johannesburg under influential parents who were both involved in the accounting, auditing and taxation industry. Never wanting anything to do with the accounting profession, Nadia decided to enrol for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Changing her mind at the last minute, she opted for the Chartered Accounting route like her farther.

She qualified from the University of Johannesburg with a degree in BCom Accounting in 2008, and with her honours degree in accounting, also from the University of Johannesburg in 2010.

In 2011, right after her first board examinations, she started as a first year article clerk at J Theron and Associates Incorporated under the leadership of Jacques Theron as her mentor. Striving for excellence, Nadia maintained a high work ethic and in doing so set the bar even higher for herself.

In 2014 she attained the designation of Chartered Accountant and Registered Auditor, and became a partner in J Theron and Pietersen Incorporated.

Nadia prides herself in treating each of her staff member and clients with the utmost respect and dignity. It doesn’t matter how small or how big your business might be, all will be treated as equals. Another achievement for her, is the pride she has in being the training office administrator at the company, and overseeing that the trainees gets the best possible training the industry can hold.

Believing that good is never good enough, she sets on expending her knowledge on a daily basis. Living with the motto that if you have not learnt anything new today, your day is not yet over.

With her deep set routes in all that is nature, she spends all the free time she can with her husband on their family farm in Vaalwater in the Limpopo Province.

In an ever changing and challenging environment of the accounting and auditing profession, Nadia seeks new challenges in all that she does.


Tihan Hattingh is head of the HR and Payroll department at J Theron and Pietersen Incorporated and has been at the company since 2012. He joined our company very shortly after obtaining his Bachelor of Commerce in HR Management from the University of the North West’s Potchefstroom campus.

With his strong theoretical background, Tihan is the perfect person to get your employee solutions into place. From trips to the compensation fund and the UIF, to consulting with clients about their payroll, Tihan performs each of his tasks with great care and knowledge. Keeping up to date with employee laws and regulations is no easy feat, but he keeps his finger constantly on the heartbeat of what is new out there.

Always looking to add value to J Theron and Pietersen Incorporated, Tihan strives to expand his department by including his theoretical studies in the form of revising and drawing up employee contracts and assisting and attending disciplinary hearings as our clients might need it.

When Tihan is not working on his career, he is all about sports… any sports. Spending a lot of his time on the rugby field during his high school and university days, and even club rugby after university, this sports fanatic keeps a good balance between work and sport.


Growing up in Soweto, with deep roots in Venda, Limpopo province, Maungedzo (to us he is just known as Tshamano) qualified with his BCom Accounting degree from the University of Johannesburg in 2011. Not sure if he wanted to go the Chartered Accountant route he enrolled and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting from UNISA in 2015.

He joined J Theron and Associates Incorporated on a permanent basis in 2012 as a data processor and junior audit clerk. In the beginning of 2015, he has worked his way up to audit manager under the guidance of Jacques Theron and Nadia Pietersen, just in time for the name change from J Theron and Associates Incorporated to J Theron and Pietersen Incorporated.

In 2016 Tshamano enrolled for his articles under Jacques and Nadia, and is looking to complete his honours degree in Accounting (CTA) in 2018.

But before Tshamano’s focus was on studies, he represented South Africa in the 2007 Sydney Junior Olympics in the Kayak Sprinting.

Currently, Tshamano manages and reviews independent audits and reviews for a diverse background of clients. Further to this, he also still does processing of accounting records, prepares management accounts and financial statements. With a strong financial theoretical knowledge, he looks at financial data from a whole other perspective. Observing and noting the details that most of us tend to overlook.

Tshamano prides himself in his leadership qualities, as well as excellent client service. Accepting each new challenge with vigour and an open heart.

We are looking forward to what the future hold for him.


Lorraine Schlyer started at J Theron and Pietersen during 2014 under the leadership of a former manager of ours as an assistant in our company secretarial department.

From humble beginnings, Lorraine worked in procurement in one of our country’s leading supermarket chains before she joined our team. Her move to our company, was driven by her passion for a good challenge and a more relaxed working environment to spend more time with her family and her three beautiful sons.

During 2016, Lorraine accepted the challenge of overseeing the whole company secretarial department single handed. Being thrown into the deep end, Lorraine was confident that the skills she has attained under her former manager was enough to equip her for the task that lies ahead. And boy did her confidence pay off.

Lorraine perform her tasks as company secretary with the ability to ensure that our clients complies and operates in accordance with statutory and legal provisions as set out by various Acts that it needs to adhere to. She has a strong believe that hard work and organisation is the key in everything that you do.

In 2015, Lorraine enrolled for a diploma in Human Resource Management, with the eye to broaden her general knowledge of the South African Business environment. Currently she also has her eye on becoming a chartered company secretary.